Minleon decorative RGB Christmas lighting Minleon RGB Digital Lighting
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Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting
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Minleon Australia & New Zealand

Minleon Australia & NZ provide flexible leading edge digital RGB lighting solutions to the event, decorative, festive, sign & Christmas lighting markets and are part of the Minleon Global group.

We are the direct importer, distributor and service agent for Minleon RGB lights and control systems to both the Australian and New Zealand markets. We provide Lighting, software and interactive solutions for both the retail and commercial sectors. With our lights, systems and services already proven in some very high profile installations within the Australian, New Zealand and International markets.

Minleon offer a level of quality and durability that makes Minleon lighting a clear choice. Minleon pride themselves on offering the best quality lights that can be used in the market, these are not toys or single season use. Minleon lights are designed to be used all year around in outdoor environments and are made of the highest quality materials including using poly-carbonate for the bulb cover and silicone based cabling for the string wiring. This allows Minleon lights to be used for real world practical situations for many years and coupled with Minleons wide range of choices, accessories and features, then this makes Minleon the obvious choice that clearly stand above the rest.

If choice, quality, features and accessories are important then Minleon is the obvious choice

Minleon have a complete range of plug and play RGB lighting systems, from simple to complex that cater for any situation. The imagination is the limitation when using Minleon Lighting and control and Minleon pride themselves on service and quality. We provide full support to help our clients make use of this new and exciting technology.

Minleon’s strength and ability to enable a flexible solution is due to Minleon owning the factories that make the lights and controllers as well as owning the leading software in its market that gives all the Minleon controllers the flexibility to be completely controlled through a computer. This give Minleon the ability to tailor a product that can specifically meet your needs. Minleon are also part of the Phillips Licensing Program so you can be assured that Minleon lighting is covered and legal to be sold into the Australian market. No other RGB lighting Manufacturer can offer so much flexibility, choice and options.


Minleon Digital RGB decorative Christmas lighting phillips

The Minleon Group is a registered Phillips RGB Licensing Partner

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