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Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting

Wireless Effects Controller

The wireless Effects Controller (WEC) is a small but very powerful digital light controller that is connected and controlled via a wireless device to allow the user to gain control of up to 400 lights  The controller is packed full of powerful features which allow for many ways to control the lights including the ability to connect multiple controllers together as master/slaves

There is also a wide variety of accessories available for the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) that can extend the capabilities of the Minleon RGB system.

Controls any of the Minleon Digital Lighting range


Wireless Effects Controller (WEC)

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Name – Wireless Effects Controller (WEC)

Number of LEDs controlled – 400

Voltage – 12vdc

Working Temp -  -20  to  +60 Deg C

Rating – IP64

Warranty – 12 Months

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User Manuals

View the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) Quick Connection Guide View the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) User Manual Copyright © 2016 Minleon Australia & New Zealand. All Rights Reserved Vivid Scene PTY LTD (ACN 164 699 101) Trading as Minleon Australia & New Zealand (ABN 90164699101) Back to top

~ Wireless network distance can vary due to many factors including obstructions and type of wireless device used

* An additional power-T and power supply must be connected to every 100 lights due to voltage drop.

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