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Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting Minleon decorative RGB lighting

Minleon Multifunction (MC) & Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) Accessories

Minleon offer a range of accessories that allow complete flexibility for the 125 and 500 Light mini controllers (MC) and the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) This allows Minleon to offer a complete plug and play systems to meet any application or customers needs.

Spacers- Extensions

Cables are uses to extend the distance between the controller to the first light as well as for linking lights together which enables further installation flexibility. Minleon supply a large variety of lengths to suit most installation requirements.

Note : Lengths longer than 7.5 metres will require the Minleon Smart Extenders , Power-T Injector and additional power supply


30cm (1foot) 3 core cable


60cm (2foot) 3 core cable


1.5metres (5foot) 3 core  cable


3metres (10foot) 3 core cable


6metres (20foot) 3 core cable


7.5metres (25foot) 3 core cable

12VDC Portable Battery Power Supplies

A range of portable 12VDC battery power supplies to suit any application which enables the Minleon RGB lighting system to be fully portable.

12VDC Power Supplies

A variety of power supplies to meet the demands of any project or customers needs. Power supplies are connecting using the Minleon power Ts

16 Port Signal Distributor

The Minleon 16 Port Signal Distributor allows you to extend the number of lights connected the Minleon Standard and advance Multifunction Mini Controller. This can allow up to 40 amps of lighting which is approximately equivalent to 16 strings of 75 Minleon RGB lights powered through the one 16 port Signal Distributor or many more using additional T-Ways and Power Ts.

Each string will mimic each other and a total of 125 lights can be connected to each of the 16 outputs using the Standard mini controller and 500 lights per output using the Advanced mini controller


The T-Way can extend the possibilities even further with the Minleon Standard Multifunction Controller. The T-Way allows addition Minleon RGB lights to be connected in parallel. For example you can have 10 Strings of Minleon RGB lights each connected through a T-Way, each string will then mimic each other. This allows an unlimited number of lights to be connected to a single Minleon Standard Multifunction Mini Controller. Of course power considerations need to be taken into account.

This can be a big advantage for covering large areas with one control including for use on buildings and for accent lighting where one remote will control all the lights.

The Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) can Also use the Minleon Smart-Ts


Smart Extenders

The Smart Extender can be used to extend the range of data to over 300 feet from the controller to the first light or extend the range between different light strings.  The smart Extender sender unit changes the data so it can be transferred over a greater distance. The Smart Extender Receiver then converts this data back for use with Minleon RGB Lights.


Signal sender/receiver unit (per set)


 1 amp PSU 12V DC Inside


 2 amp PSU 12V DC Outside IP68


5 amp PSU 12V DC Outside IP68


10 amp PSU 12V DC Inside


30 amp PSU 12V DC Inside


40 amp PSU 12V DC inside


Mini-Controller '16-port Signal Amplifier' - optional use with the MC, efficiently distributes power (up to 40A) and data (to up to 16 different output ports)


30cm(12") T-way connector

Additional Remote Control

Additional remote controls can be ordered or replaced if lost for both the Minleon 125 and 500 Light Multifunction Mini Controllers.

Power T Injector

Used for adding power between Minleon RGB Lights to allow additional lights to be connected and powered. This enables lights to be connected away from the controller without having issues with loosing voltage as well as to maximise the amount of lights that can be powered and controlled by Minleon mini controllers


Power T injector


Remote control Device (V1)  (battery not included)  125 Light controller


Remote control Device (V2)  (battery not included)   500 Light Controller


Please Enquire based on your needs

500 Light Mini Controller Remote

125 Light Mini Controller Remote

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Copy T

The Minleon Copy-T’s are unique to Minleon, They copy the data that is sent out from the controller allowing infinite repeated sections of controlled light. Each light connected to a Copy T will imitate the data being sent out from the controller

Note: Not compatible with the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) The wireless Effects Controller can use the Minleon Smart-T

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