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Intro Version (512 channels)


Basic Version (512 channels)


Advanced Version (8192 channels)


Professional Version (32767 channels)

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    LightShow Pro Software

Minleon’s LightShow Pro Sequencing Software is Minleons own software designed to work with all of the Minleon Controller range which allows for full array of functions and effects

Get ready to take your Light Show to the next level with the next generation standard and RGB light sequencing features of LightShow Pro such as Layer transitions and the frame by frame animation editor.
LightShow Pro is an easy to use and extremely powerful light sequencing software that creates stunning and interactive theatrical and public light performances. With this program, you can create an incredibly choreographed light show, synchronizing lights and devices to sound and video, easy and fast! With industry leading features and un-paralleled hardware compatibility, you dont need to be an expert to start building a great synchronized or interactive show!

Synchronize your lights to music and video.

Further information found at www.lightshowpro.com

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